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  • how to make money on UpVoice

    How To Make Money on UpVoice: Is it Legit?

    UpVoice is a site that lets you make money doing what you already do online, i.e., browsing the web. Once you become an UpVoice member, you earn points every time you visit a supported site, and you can redeem these points for a selection of e-gift cards. It’s a great way to get a type…

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  • tax deductions for independent contractors

    19 Tax Deductions for Independent Contractors

    Employees typically have their taxes deducted automatically, but as an independent contractor, you have to compute your taxes on your own. A major benefit of this arrangement is that you can claim deductions before filing your taxes. If you are looking to transition to working for yourself, you’re going to want to keep track of your…

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  • appointment scheduler for freelancers

    Why an Appointment Scheduler Is Important for Freelancers

    Appointments are the stepping stone to getting in touch with new people and businesses and building a freelancer clientele. Winning more and more clients is how you grow as a freelancer, and appointment schedulers can be a crucial catalyst.  An appointment scheduler is important for freelancers because they improve client relationships, saves time, and reduces…

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  • is it hard to make money on fiverr

    Is It Hard To Make Money On Fiverr? What You Need To Know

    Even before the pandemic, side gigs were becoming much more popular than working in an office for a company. You could type in “work from home jobs online” in your favorite search engine and have pages and pages of results to sift through, including sites like Fiverr. You might wonder about that site, but can…

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  • highest-paying freelance jobs for steady income

    15 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs For Steady Income

    The freelance industry has exploded by leaps and bounds over the past few years. With the advent of technology and the internet, people can now work from anywhere and at any time. The highest-paying freelance jobs make self-employment possible. Freelancing opportunities are an awesome way to make a steady income, but it can be tough…

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  • how to transition to working for yourself

    How To Transition To Working For Yourself [Ultimate Guide]

    If you have found yourself here, you’re likely trying to transition from working a traditional job to being self-employed. You can forge a path and transition to working for yourself easily. Everyone’s journey to being their own boss looks a little different, but there are steps you can take that will ensure your success in…

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  • can you survive as a freelancer

    Can You Actually Survive As a Freelancer?

    Today, everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon of freelancing. However, not all that glitter is gold. Throughout this article, I’ll provide you with enough evidence to judge for yourself if it’s a feasible task or not. You can survive as a freelancer just like you can with any other job. You might barely make…

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  • how to make money on Upwork for beginners

    How To Make Money On Upwork For Beginners

    In this modern era, the way the world works has changed dramatically. The internet has removed the traditional work barriers, and now, neither borders nor boundaries are hurdles to generating an income. With your computer, the benefits of telecommuting, and the internet, you can showcase your skills and get paid from anywhere in the world. Beginners…

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  • is writing a book a good way to make money

    Is Writing a Book a Good Way To Make Money?

    Some people dream of becoming a successful author, whether from writing a nonfiction novel or creating a fantasy world readers can get lost in. They want to be authors like J.K Rowling, Stephen King, and the big names you hear all the time. You want the fame they have, but have you ever wondered if…

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  • skills you need to be a freelancer

    7 Skills You Need To Be a Freelancer

    Freelancing is a relatively new field that many individuals are trying out. The field offers more freedom than most corporate 9-5 jobs, and there’s virtually no cap on how much success you can achieve! However, there are some skills you need to possess to be a successful freelancer. The 7 skills you need to be…

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