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how to start vlogging from your phone


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Do you want to vlog but don’t know how to get started? Don’t worry. We’re here with you! We will teach you how to start vlogging with your phone.

how to start vlogging with your phone

We will go over the basics of vlogging and give you some tips on how to make your videos look great. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What Is Vlogging?

A vlog is a type of video blog in which the subject matter is typically about the blogger’s life. Vlogs are usually recorded and edited by the blogger themselves and published online, often daily or weekly.

They can be about anything the vlogger wants to talk about but are often personal in nature. Many vloggers also use their platforms to discuss current affairs, give opinions on topical issues or just chat with their viewers.

what is vlogging

The format has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many successful vloggers amassing large followings on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. For some, vlogging has even become a full-time job.

While the vast majority of vloggers produce content for fun and do not make any money from their efforts, a small number have been able to turn their hobby into a viable career. Fashion bloggers, lifestyle vloggers, and travel gurus are just some of the YouTubers who have created successful businesses from their videos. This is usually done by partnering with brands or promoting products via affiliate links.

So, while vlogging might not make you rich, it can certainly be a profitable pursuit for those with a large enough audience. And even if you’re not looking to make any money from your efforts, it can still be a great way to document your life and share your thoughts and experiences with the world.

How To Start Vlogging With Your Phone

You don’t need an expensive camera to start vlogging! Your Android phone can capture high-quality video, and with a few simple tips, you can start creating engaging content that will resonate with your audience. Here are some vlogging tips to get started:

1. Find Your Niche

Vlogging, or video blogging, is a popular way to share your life and interests with the world. But how do you get started? One of the best ways is to find your niche.

Whether you are a travel vlogger or a foodie, fashionista, or a fitness guru, find something that you are passionate about and make it the focus of your content.

Your niche is the unique thing that you have to offer. It might be your passion, your sense of humor, or your unique perspective. Once you find your niche, you can start creating content that is tailored to your audience. This will help you to attract viewers and build a following.

There are a few things to keep in mind with your video recording. First, think about what you are passionate about. What are you an expert on? What do you enjoy doing? This will help you record videos that are both enjoyable for you to make and interesting for your viewers.

Second, in recording videos, consider your target audience. Who do you want to watch your videos? What kind of content will they be interested in? Keep these things in mind as you start creating content for your vlog.

If you are having trouble finding your niche, don’t worry! Just start creating content and see what resonates with your audience. You may find that your niche evolves over time as you experiment with different types of videos. The important thing is to have fun and be yourself!

2. Plan Your Content

Are you thinking about starting a vlog but not sure where to begin? One of the best ways to get started is by planning your content. This may seem like a tedious task, but it will save you time in the long run and help you stay focused on your goals.

When planning your content, start by brainstorming ideas for videos. What topics do you want to cover? What style do you want your vlog to have? Once you have a general idea of the content you want to create, start mapping out individual videos.

how to start vlogging with your phone

What will each video be about? What are the key points you want to cover? What kind of footage will you need to shoot? Answering these questions will help you plan each video in detail, making it easier to execute when it’s time to start filming.

Once you have a solid plan for your content, it’s time to start vlogging! Use your phone to film high-quality videos that capture your personality and expertise. With a bit of planning and effort, you can create a successful vlog that connects with viewers and helps you achieve your goals.

3. Invest In A Tripod

If you’re thinking about starting a vlog with your phone, one of the first things you’ll need is a tripod. A tripod will allow you to keep your phone steady while you’re filming, which is essential for creating smooth, professional-looking videos. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy tripod; a simple tabletop model will do the trick.

Tripods come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’ll need to choose one that’s appropriate for the type of videos you want to make. For example, if you’ll be doing a lot of moving around, you’ll need a lightweight tripod that’s easy to carry. If you are filming mostly in one location, however, you can opt for a heavier tripod that will provide more stability.

Tripods also have different mounting options, so you’ll need to choose one that’s compatible with your phone. Once you’ve selected the right tripod for your needs, setting it up is quick and easy.

Simply place your phone in the mount and adjust the legs until the camera is at the desired height. Then, tighten the screws to keep everything in place. With your tripod set up and ready to go, all that’s left is to start filming your first vlog!

4. Make Use Of Natural Lighting

If you’re thinking about starting a vlog, one of the first things you need to consider is lighting. After all, nobody wants to watch a video that’s dark and hard to see. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get great lighting for your vlog, even if you’re just using your phone.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get good lighting is to make use of natural light. When filming outdoors, try to position yourself so that the sun is behind you. This will ensure that your face is well-lit without creating any harsh shadows.

If you’re filming indoors, try to position yourself near a window so that you can take advantage of natural light. You may also want to invest in some additional lighting equipment, such as a ring light or external flash.

With a little bit of planning, you can get great lighting for your vlog without spending a lot of money. Whenever possible, film your videos during the daytime or in well-lit areas. This will help ensure that your footage is clear and free of shadows.

5. Edit Your Footage

One of the great things about vlogging is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, with just your phone. But if you want to create high-quality videos that people will actually want to watch, you’ll need to put in a bit of effort to improve your video quality.

All you need are video editing apps. You can use this software for video editing and make them look more professional. There are many free and paid options available, and you can choose the video editing app that best suits your needs.

After you’ve filmed your video, take some time to edit it down into a cohesive final product. Trim any unnecessary footage, increase or reduce video speed, add music or other audio effects, and splice together different scenes if needed. Editing your footage is a crucial part of the process, and it can help you to transform your videos from amateurish to professional.

When you edit your footage, you have the opportunity to remove any errors or bloopers and improve your sound quality. This will help to make your videos more polished and professional. You can also use editing to change the order of your b-roll footage or to add in additional footage, like photos from Google photos, that you didn’t capture originally. Basically, editing gives you complete control over your final product.

how to start vlogging with your phone

So if you’re thinking about starting a vlog, definitely don’t overlook the importance of editing your footage. With a little bit of time and effort, you can truly transform your videos from average to amazing.

6. Upload And Share Your Video

When you first start smartphone vlogging, it can be a little daunting. After all, you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see. But one of the best ways to get started is to simply upload and share your first video.

By doing so, you’re giving yourself a chance to get feedback and improve your skills. Plus, it can also help to build a following of people who are interested in what you have to say.

And when it comes to vlogging with your phone, sharing your video is easier than ever. With just a few clicks, you can upload your video to YouTube or another platform and start getting exposure for your work.

So if you’re thinking about starting a vlog, don’t be afraid to put your work out there for the world to see. Upload and share your video today.

7. Promote Your Video

It’s important to promote your video. By doing this, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and get more views. Here are some ways to promote your video:

  • Share it on social media. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your video. Make sure to post it on all of your social media accounts, and include a link in your bio so that people can watch it directly from your profile.
  • Email it to your friends and family. Your loved ones are always a great source of support, so send them an email with a link to your video. They’ll be happy to help you get more views.
  • Post it on forums and online communities. If you’re a member of any online communities, make sure to share your video there as well. You never know who might be interested in watching it.
  • Optimize it for search engines. This is a great way to ensure that your video comes up when people are searching for related keywords. Include relevant keywords in the title and description of your video, and make sure to use them throughout the content as well.
  • Pay for advertising. If you’re willing to invest some money into promoting your video, there are many different paid advertising options available. You can choose to run ads on social media, search engines, or other websites where potential viewers are likely to see them.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting more views on your vlogs. So get started today and see how much success you can achieve!

8. Engage With Your Viewers

If you’re thinking about starting a vlog, one of the most important things to consider is how you’ll engage with your viewers. After all, vlogging is all about building a personal connection with your audience. There are a few different ways to do this.

First, you can interact with your viewers through comments and social media. This gives you a chance to get to know them on a personal level and understand what they’re interested in.

Additionally, you can host regular Q&A sessions or live stream your vlogging sessions to further encourage viewer engagement. Finally, don’t forget to respond to any comments or questions that viewers leave on your videos.

By taking the time to engage with your viewers, you’ll create a stronger connection with them that will help you grow your vlogging channel. Engaging with your viewers is an important part of being a successful vlogger!

Vlogging Tips for Beginners

Vlogging is an increasingly popular way to share stories and experiences with the world. While it is similar to blogging, a blogger vs. vlogger is quite different. Vlogging requires you to be a bit more creative and spontaneous, as well as engaging with your viewers in real-time. Whether you’re looking to document your travels, share tips and tricks, or just express yourself creatively, vlogging can be a great outlet for personal expression. However, if you’re brand-new to vlogging, then it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some essential tips for beginners looking to get started with their own vlogs.

vlogging tips for beginners

Advice on Lighting for Filming

Lighting is an often overlooked but vitally important part of any vlog. The advice below should ensure that you get the best possible lighting for your footage.

  1. Natural light is always the best option. Try to find a spot with even lighting and no direct sunlight that can create harsh shadows.
  2. If you need additional lighting, look for LED light bulbs that can be adjusted in intensity without emitting too much heat.
  3. Experiment with different angles and placements of your lights until you create the desired effect.
  4. If filming indoors, avoid using overhead lights as they often cast unflattering shadows on people’s faces.
  5. Utilizing reflective surfaces such as mirrors or white walls can help spread and increase the amount of available light in a space for better results.

Top Vlogging Phones

These smartphones have all the features you need to create great-looking vlogs.

  1. Google Pixel 4 XL: Boasting a 12.2MP dual-pixel rear camera, 4K HD video recording capabilities, and advanced zoom features, the Google Pixel 4XL is a great choice for those looking for a phone with impeccable video quality.
  2. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: With three cameras that capture ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto angles, as well as numerous editing tools and advanced photography capabilities, the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers an all-around professional vlogging experience for a mobile phone
  3. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: This device features four rear cameras that allow filmmakers to capture 8K video footage along with a powerful 8Hz Exynos 2100 processor and a low light image sensor. Its expansive 10x optical zoom also makes it ideal for capturing distant subjects on camera with crystal clarity.
  4. One Plus 9 Pro: This 5G smartphone comes equipped with a 50MP main camera, 16MP ultra-wide lens, and 8MP telephoto lens perfect for shooting stunning landscapes or even close-up shots of food/beverages in action! Additionally, its exceptional battery life ensures ample recording time before needing to recharge again. 

What Do You Need To Vlog With Your Phone?

what should you vlog from your phone

There is some equipment that can help make your vlogs on your phone stand out from the crowd. You don’t need the expensive equipment necessary to get started in video content and photography. Many basic cameras and digital devices can be used to capture great images. Additionally, many digital photography tutorials are available online for free that can help you learn the basics of taking good photos. To become a vlogger, consider using some of the additional basic equipment to start shooting.

Here are a few items you should consider:

  1. A phone holder or tripod to keep your phone steady while recording.
  2. A separate external microphone to improve the quality for clearer audio if recording outdoors or in a noisy environment.
  3. A gimbal stabilizer may help make smoother footage if needed.
  4. Editing software on your computer (iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.) or an app on your phone (LumaFusion, iMovie).
  5. Lights and reflectors can be helpful if filming indoors in low-light conditions.

What Should A Beginner Vlog for The First Time?

Once all the necessary equipment is acquired, it’s time to begin recording! For beginners, it’s generally easier and more enjoyable if you start off by filming simple everyday moments such as trips outdoors or visiting friends/family members at home, etc. Filming getting fit working from home is also a great idea during this time.

These types of clips provide an opportunity for new creators to practice their video shooting skills whilst still providing interesting content for viewers. Later on down the track, when filming becomes more comfortable, users may choose to focus on intensive topics or tutorials.

what should a beginner vlog for the first time

Other options to use your phone for vlogging would include vlogging about current events, personal stories, or even making reviews/tutorials on products you’ve recently purchased. The possibilities are endless and up to the discretion of the vlogger! Whatever topic you choose, there’s always an audience looking for interesting content.

Final Thoughts

These are a few tips to help you get started vlogging with a phone. Vlogging can be a great way to connect with your audience and build a personal connection with them. It is an excellent way to learn new skills, gain confidence in your abilities and express yourself. So get creative and have fun!

Good luck on your vlogging journey!

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