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how to homeschool and work from home


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It’s no secret that more and more people are working from home these days. And homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular as well. So how do you balance the two? It can be a challenge, but it’s definitely doable if you’re strategic about it. Here are some tips for making it work.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is when parents teach their children at home instead of sending them to school. Some homeschool their kids because of religious reasons, some do it for educational reasons, and others do it for behavioral or social reasons. Homeschool usually consists of the parent teaching the child at their kitchen table with a few hours set aside each day for schooling.

Homeschooling can be a great opportunity for kids and families, but it comes with its challenges as well.

What Are Homeschooling Challenges for Families?

Homeschooling your children can be a great opportunity to spend more time with them and create a stronger bond. You’ll also have more control over what they’re learning and how they’re learning it. However, homeschooling comes with its challenges.

Scheduling Work and School

One of the biggest challenges is creating a schedule that works for you and your family. It’s important to find a balance between schoolwork and family time.

Schedule Self-Care Time

You also need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. This can be difficult if you’re used to working full-time outside the home.

Social Interaction & Social Activities for Your Kids

Another challenge is making sure your kids are getting enough social interaction. This is important for their development and can be difficult to achieve if you’re not planning playdates or other social activities. With homeschool life, it can be easy to become isolated, so you’ll need to be intentional about socializing.

How To Homeschool and Work from Home

Homeschooling and working from home may seem like two conflicting full-time jobs. However, with careful planning and a little creativity, it is possible to successfully homeschool while also meeting the demands of a full-time job.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

First, consider your homeschooling goals and objectives.

  • What do you hope to achieve by homeschooling?

Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you can begin to plan your homeschooling schedule around your work schedule.

For example, if you only want to homeschool for a few hours each day, you can arrange your work schedule so that you can be available during those hours. If you have younger children, you may need to enlist the help of a family member or friend to watch them during school hours.

Another important consideration is how much time your child will need for homeschooling work. Older children will likely need less time than younger children. Keep in mind that some days will be more challenging than others, so it’s important to be flexible in your scheduling. In addition, make sure to leave time for extracurricular activities and family time.

11 Ways to Homeschool and Work

Do you have kids at home and are trying to find a way to work successfully? Maybe you are a working parent or a homeschooling mom. Kids are out of school, but parents still have to work. Even an entry-level remote job will require a good amount of direct dedication, and if you are homeschooling, it can be hard to find that time. It’s a tough situation that many families are faced with right now. Here are some ways to homeschool and work at the same time:

1. Get Organized

This is key for any homeschooling parent, but it’s especially important if you’re also working full-time. Create a schedule and stick to it as best you can. It is also helpful to have a few hours of downtime every day for yourself. 

2. Utilize Resources

There are many online teaching resources available for homeschooling parents. Take advantage of these and use them to supplement your child’s learning.

3. Set Priorities

With so much on your plate, it’s important to set priorities and make sure that your child’s education is at the top of the list. If you have a high-paying freelance job, you may have to let it go in order to have the time to homeschool or hire additional help.

4. Involve the Whole Family

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a one-parent show. Involve other family members in the process and delegate tasks whenever possible. If you have an older child, they can help with younger siblings.

ways to homeschool and work a professional job

5. Keep It Simple

Don’t try to do too much. When you’re homeschooling and working, it’s important to keep things as simple as possible. Be flexible and be prepared to change your plans if something isn’t working. Homeschooling is a learning process for everyone involved!

6. Make Time for Breaks

Both you and your child will need breaks during the day. Have extracurricular activities planned out? This way, you can still spend time with your family and have some fun. 

7. Make Sure That You Get Enough Sleep

This is important for all parents, but especially for working parents. Don’t let the homeschool day expectations keep you up at night. Get a good night’s sleep whenever possible so that you can be well-rested and focused the next day.

8. Incorporate Learning into Everyday Homeschool Life

Learning doesn’t have to happen only at the kitchen table. Make learning fun by incorporating it into everyday activities like cooking, gardening, and even doing the laundry. Get creative with your teaching methods. There is no one right way to homeschool, so find what works best for your family and go with it.

9. Make Sure You Have a Dedicated Space for Work

This can be at the kitchen table, or if you’re lucky enough to have an office, that’s even better. While there’s not much difference between remote work vs. working from home, a dedicated space will help you create a work routine. Let your kids know that this is their “school space,” and try to stick to a regular daily schedule as much as possible. This will help them (and you!) transition from the more relaxed pace of summer to the more structured environment of the school.

10. Create Routines for Yourself as well as Your Kids

Just as you would at the office, take breaks for coffee or lunch, and make sure to schedule some “quiet time” each day. This is especially important if you have younger children at home.

11. Use Sticky Notes

Post reminders around the house to keep everyone on track. You can use them to remind your child of upcoming events or responsibilities or just to give them a little encouragement throughout the day.

How Do Working Parents Homeschool? 

It’s no secret that homeschooling can be a challenge, especially for working parents. In addition to managing their careers, they also have to take on the role of teacher, often with very little help. And while homeschooling can be a great opportunity for families to spend more time together, it can also be a source of stress.

how do working parents homeschool and work full time

For parents of older children, this is especially true. Not only do they have to juggle work and homeschooling, but they also have to make sure their kids are keeping up with their studies. In addition, they often have to take on additional responsibility for younger children, as well as household chores.

As a result, it’s no wonder that many working parents feel like they’re constantly juggling. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from family members or friends when needed. 

How To Homeschool For A Few Hours

Are you a working parent who is considering homeschooling your children? You’re not alone. In fact, over the last three years, the number of parents who are homeschooling their children has been on the rise. There are multiple reasons why parents choose to homeschool, but one of the most common is the desire to have a greater role in their child’s education. Remind yourself that this is a great opportunity. The benefits of telecommuting allow parents to both work and homeschool.

Homeschooling is a chance to be more involved in your child’s education and to create a stronger bond with your family. It can also be a great opportunity to explore new interests and talents.

Wonder is a powerful emotion. A job can work to create new things and help us see the world in a different sense. Head-on teaching makes learning difficult, it’s impossible to expect anything helpful, and it’s true in a sense with children. Whether as a husband or wife, homeschooling is an experience.

Homeschooling can be a wonderful thing, but it’s not for everyone. It takes a lot of work and dedication, and it can be challenging if you have younger children or other responsibilities like housework or caring for younger children. In addition, homeschooling can be isolating if you don’t have a network of other homeschoolers to connect with. However, if you’re considering homeschooling, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Understand State Laws on Education: First, make sure you understand the state laws regarding homeschooling. Each state has different requirements, so it’s important to do your research before you begin.
  2. Homeschool Full Time or Part Time: Second, you’ll need to decide whether you want to homeschool your children full-time or part-time. Part-time homeschooling can be a great option if you have other commitments, but it will take longer to complete the required curriculum.
  3. Develop the Right Learning Environment: Third, you’ll need to create a learning environment that works for your family. This means finding a space in your home that’s comfortable and conducive to learning.
  4. Appropriate Curriculum: Fourth, you’ll need to make sure you have the right curriculum. There are many different homeschooling curricula available, so it’s important to find one that meets your needs and your child’s learning style.
  5. Practice Patience: Fifth, you’ll need to be patient. Homeschooling can be a slow process, and it may take a while for your children to catch up to their peers academically. Finally, you’ll need to be flexible. Homeschooling can be a great option for families who want to customize their education, but it’s important to remember that it won’t work for everyone. Talk to other homeschoolers, read homeschooling books, and attend homeschooling events to get a feel for what it’s like.

As anyone who has recently been homeschooled can attest, it’s a big adjustment. Routines that were once second nature are turned upside down, and parents who are used to being in an office all day are now working from home with young children underfoot. It’s a lot to juggle, but it can be done successfully with a little planning – and a sense of humor. If you follow the tips for homeschooling and working from home successfully, you will do fine even if you have three children.

Homeschooling Younger Children

Homeschooling can be a great opportunity for working parents to spend more time with their younger children. Younger children are often more receptive to homeschooling than older children, and they can be easier to manage in a remote learning setting. In addition, younger children generally have shorter attention spans and need less structure than older children.

As a result, working parents who homeschool their younger children can often get by with a few hours of homeschooling each day. This leaves more time for household chores and other responsibilities.

Homeschooling can also be a great way for families to bond. Families who homeschool often find that they have more time for family activities and outings. And because homeschooling takes place in the home, families can save money on childcare and extracurricular activities. Of course, homeschooling is not right for every family. But for families who are looking for an alternative to traditional schooling, homeschooling can be a great option.

How to Run a Household, Homeschool, and Complete Household Chores

Household chores are a necessary part of everyday life, but they can be a challenge for working parents. To homeschool and work from home successfully, it is important to create a daily appointment scheduler that includes time for school, work, and family time. For young children, a few hours of school each day is plenty.

Household chores can be divided up among family members, and older children can take on more responsibility. Remote learning can be a great option for homeschooling families, as it allows parents to focus on their work while still providing their children with a quality education. However, homeschooling isn’t always easy. Routines turned upside down and kids underfoot all the time can be tough to manage. But with a little planning and some patience, it is possible to homeschool successfully and work from home. 


Homeschooling is a great opportunity for families to spend more time together and tailor their child’s education to their specific needs and interests. However, homeschooling can also be a big adjustment, especially for working parents. Get the whole family involved. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be just the responsibility of one parent. Get other family members involved by having them help with household chores, teaching certain subjects, or planning fun outings or field trips. Homeschooling can be a great way to spend more time with your family and create a custom learning experience for your child. With a little planning and some sticky notes, you can homeschool successfully!

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